Happy New Year to all members of SRSP!

Our society will be One year old this 2019 from the February 2018 induction of the officers during the Philippine College of Radiology annual convention.

The first radiograph done by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen was a MSK image of the hand of his wife Anna Bertha Ludwig. This historical note just highlights our society as a fundamental component of Radiologic practice. And as new modalities (i.e. Ultrasound, Mri, Nuclear Medicine and Hybrid technology) come to the main stream of imaging, MSK studies are still one of the often requested procedure.

Our SRSP should therefore be inclusive rather than an exclusive club for Radiologist. We should share and share knowledge for members to improve their practice. The only distinguishing feature of a member of SRSP from PCR is an inherent special interest to learn more about MSK Radiology.

Our vision: To be the premier source of knowledge, education and research in MSK radiology.

In the past year, we have done activities in support of this vision, with the Maintenance of our Website (srsph.org), the August 2018 Teaching Seminar, On-Line Case Study and workshop this coming PCR annual convention. The board of trustees of SRSP has been busy working towards the vision.

To make the organization running, we need funds from our membership fees, which will be collected during the PCR Annual Convention. As the organization mature, we would be looking for other additional sources of funding. But for now an annual due of Php 500.00 is reasonable as membership fee to help sustain the organization.

The Board of Trustees and myself looks forward to more participation from the membership and nominations of candidates for the Board seats by February of 2020.